Research + Brand Positioning and Strategy + Naming Convention + Identity and Packaging System

Oral care brands in India have traditionally relied on promoting themselves using the trust and goodwill they enjoy.

Most branding, packaging and communication is focused on statistics - trusted by X% mothers, Y% dentists, and so on.
We’re also informed about product capabilities via interestingly coined terminologies.
Of course, these are always accompanied by tiny disclaimers.

Given this oral care landscape, Stratedgy set out to build a transparent, honest, and new-age direct to consumer brand.
We aimed at putting the care back in oral care, with a brand that relies heavily on attributes and a focus on building better, long term oral care habits.


As always, our brand building journey began with research. We chose the qualitative approach to gain consumer and dentist insights, and used quantitative studies to gauge larger consumer sentiments about product naming and brand descriptions.

India, as we know, is not one market. We are a collective of various distinct markets, and our demands from the brands we entrust are a fascinating study. Our interviews with potential consumers set the stage for an exciting opportunity ahead.


As largely advertised, we’re made to believe Indians, especially mothers, trust legacy brands blindly… but that is hardly the case. There seems to be an attempt to focus on the legacy of a brand over what is used to make the products. The focus is not on science behind the oral care. Instead, the history of existence in the market is given precedence over the efficacy of the products.

Our consumer research findings tied effectively to our research hypothesis. All Indian brands market themselves on intangibles.
What about the core of the product?
What is it made up of?
Why is it better?
Has there been any innovation in the way these products are made?

If yes, when can we hear about them?

As a product, Perfora stands on efficacy and innovation.
The brand strategy for Perfora was formulated to fill in the gaps in the Indian oral care market.


The brand strategy paved the way and we were on to our naming convention.
We took the tried and tested approach and had (many, many) consumers validate our name of choice.

Our brand promise of performance driven oral care came to life with PERFORA.


Oral care is crucial to our health, and yet, largely ignored.
For most Indians this is a habitual process, mindless and riddled with indifference. Lack of awareness and inclination is a big reason why we do not take our oral care seriously. According to our research, Indians believe brushing is all that it takes to maintain oral health.
At the core of what Perfora set out to do, is to bring the care back in oral care.

To simplify the concept of oral care and make it easily adaptable in personal care routines, we introduce a basic four step regime.
We’re hoping Indians view oral care in a more holistic manner through our efforts with Perfora.