Brand Repositioning and Strategy + Identity and Packaging System

Forbes famously monikered Bagrry's as a "Cereal Killer" brand. And for good reason!
The homegrown company has managed to give stiff competition to giants like PepsiCo to become India's second-biggest breakfast-cereal maker after Kellogg's.
Bagrry’s is an innovative venture that created a niche for itself against MNC competition. They were the first to launch muesli in India, back in 1994.

Bagrry’s grabbed attention when former US President, Mr. Bill Clinton, was served its muesli during his visit to India in the year 2000. As of 2022, the company is present across 70,000 retail outlets and exports to eight countries.

Our association with Bagrry's began just before the pandemic, in early 2020.
Up until then, all efforts related to brand packaging were managed in house.
We were brought in to give the overall range a packaging refresh for existing products and a way to seamlessly introduce new variants or categories.


Today, Bagrry’s is the pioneer of muesli in India, and is loved equally, if not more, than Kellogg’s.
(Fun fact, Kellogg’s entered the Indian market years after Bagrry’s had introduced muesli to the Indian breakfast table.)

Bagrry’s especially ensures the ratio of fruits, nuts, seeds and grains is ideal for optimal health, taste and mouthfeel. A consumer research study conducted showcased clearly, how loved their products are. The brand has many, many loyalists in different parts of the country.

There is a recognisable legacy attached to brand Bagrry’s. But, their packaging was dated, clumsy in parts and would not stand the test of time. Bravely, the new generation at Bagrry’s decided to revamp their packaging to compete with their international counter parts.

As brand strategists, it is hard to ignore the tremendous equity and loyalty built over the past 50 years by the brand.
This is a truly healthy brand, and have been honest and vocal about their health claims and product performance, years before it was considered cool to speak factually with the consumer via the front of pack real estate.

While a complete packaging overhaul was due, there were key legacy aspects that we decided to retain.
The red flag of the logo, the abundance of ingredients and prominence attributed to the product shot were upgraded to remain a part of the brand’s narrative.


For the muesli range refresh,  we introduced a burst of colour to the Bagrry’s product family.
Employing bright colours and textures, we build a strong differentiator between flavour variants.
The colour story has been built keeping the variant in mind, as well as to compliment the abundance of ingredients that we wanted to showcase on the front of pack.

The information architecture is crafted to ensure that the flavour name prominently stands out, and the health benefits are hard to miss. All the sides of the packaging are thoughtfully crafted to impart informative communication, but laid out in an easy to consume manner. The back of packaging was laid out with interesting infographics, coupled with recipes and a unique iconography language.


The ‘mighty muesli’ range is positioned to highlight the superior health benefits of the Bagrry’s muesli bar range.
We carried forward the the idea of highlighting abundance of key ingredients in the packaging, but have given it a playful twist. The layering of information is simple and easy to consume.
Interestingly, the protector box is where we have tied in the colour story of the brand, which the bars compliment with a subtle, neutral hue.