Elevating a beloved home bakery into a contemporary dessert sensation.

Brand Manifesto

Rebrands are usually met with a lot of trepidation from founders.
Our collaboration with Crumbilicious, a beloved bakery founded by the talented Chef Sanah Ahuja, is testimony to the power of the change.
While the fear of departing from a familiar identity may hold sway, it is imperative to recognise that beyond this threshold lies a landscape of possibilities.
The story of Crumbilicious, now known as House of Amel, demonstrates how a strategic brand makeover can transform a business.

Chef Sanah's passion for creating delectable treats led to the evolution of Crumbilicious over the years. However, the brand offerings evolved to outgrow the brand image, which hindered Crumbilicious from securing a place at certain tables.

Through in-depth analysis and immersive workshops, we arrived at the essence and aspirations of the brand. This allowed us to develop a brand strategy and a refreshed brand manifesto.
As part of this business transformation, we recommended a name change, resulting in the elegant rebranding of Crumbilicious as the House of Amel.
The brand's new offerings and identity system stand in stark contrast to the cutesy and vintage-inspired bakery brands that continue to saturate the Indian bakery industry.
Drawing inspiration from the brand’s core of elegance and contemporary sophistication, we designed an exceptionally tall typeface that would become the centrepiece of the packaging. This unique typographic treatment elevated the brand logo itself into a striking design element, creating a strong enough visual for it to stand on its own without much explanation and unnecessary embellishments.


Our strategy encompassed a complete revival of the brand, covering every aspect from the desserts themselves to packaging, machinery, and marketing. Over many, many dessert tastings and insightful conversations with the founder, we envisioned reimagining of the desserts, breathing new life into menus, investing in advanced machinery, designing captivating packaging, and implementing targeted marketing activities. All of these transformations, rooted in our revamped brand strategy and identity system, helped form a cohesive brand experience.

The new packaging and identity have a distinctive approach, standing out from the abundance of cute and vintage-inspired French bakery brands in the Indian bakery industry. Typography plays a central role in our design, reflecting the brand’s elegance and contemporary sophistication. We created an exceptionally tall typeface that became the centerpiece of the packaging, making a strong visual statement that can stand on its own without unnecessary elements.

By using the logo as the primary design element, we adopted a subtractive approach that removed unnecessary clutter and embraced simplicity. The towering letters of the logo take centre stage, commanding attention and becoming the focal point of the entire packaging design.

The minimalist backdrop of the packaging further enhances the impact of the tall typeface, allowing it to shine as a powerful representation of the House of Amel brand. The absence of excessive embellishments or distractions highlights the purity and beauty of the typography, resulting in an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

Nostalgia, nuance and a new brand experience!

Today, House of Amel has captivated a loyal and expanding customer base. By infusing a contemporary tone, we have positioned Amel as a unique player in the desserts market. It effortlessly blends comforting baked classics with a touch of futuristic chic.

Amel’s brand identity system reflects its versatile and individualistic nature, showcasing the attention given to every element in its exquisite range. Through extensive research, we have crafted a concept that combines nostalgia, nuanced flavours, and a sprinkle of fun.
The result is a brand that sets a new standard, delivering simplicity, comfort, and extraordinary experiences all at once.