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Consumer Research, Brand Strategy and Positioning + Brand Identity and Packaging System

Small appliances have long been cast into the shadows of cabinets and closets, but a new era of home elements is dawning. What if a fanlight could double as a piece of art? Picture a portable fan that cools as it captivates...

As consumers seek value from features, they also yearn for something more - a touch of personality, a dash of flair, and a sprinkle of innovation. Beyond mere functionality, they crave appliances that elevate their living spaces with style and substance. In the world of NUUK, we believe that it's these little things that make the biggest impact.

NUUK is a stylish lineup of home appliances, tailored for Indian go-getters, crafted to welcome them back to a home they cherish.

As an integral component of the comprehensive brand strategy, the visual identity system is anchored by a bespoke logotype, subtly exuding flamboyance, and encased within a shape that embodies the distinctive essence of Nuuk. The brand identity establishes a robust visual foundation that will seamlessly expand across all brand offerings.

The commanding logotype gives rise to a polished and clever brand communication style where typography assumes a central role. Through bold, interesting messaging presented in a typeface influenced by Scandinavian design principles, a distinctive brand language has been meticulously crafted.

Taking cues from the lively painted residences of Scandinavia, Nuuk’s color palette harmoniously blends a spectrum of tones that are warm, contemporary, and sophisticated. Reflecting the elegance synonymous with Scandinavia, the incorporation of black and white elements in the Nuuk color palette pays tribute to timeless design aesthetics.

Nuuk is the life of the corner at the party – where intelligence meets charm, and information sparkles with wit.

The brand’s tone of voice was intended to sizzle, with a side of sass. Nuuk’s witty tone sets it apart in the appliance market cluttered with dry feature listings. By infusing charm, Nuuk engages its audience uniquely.

Nuuk’s communication style is a blend of intelligence and humor. The key lies in tastefully integrating wit to captivate and establish a genuine connection with consumers.

This approach humanizes Nuuk, making it appealing and relatable. The strategic use of wit and intelligence differentiates Nuuk and forges a deeper bond with its audience, creating a brand that is enjoyable, and more importantly, memorable.