Crafting the brand strategy for a global private label specialist’s foray into American retail

360º Brand Design

Crystal Tea India, established in 1869, is a global private label specialist. For almost two centuries they have meticulously curated and created exotic tea blends perfected to taste.
With the emerging global acceptance of ‘chai’, we collaborated with Crystal Tea to develop their private label ‘Trice’ for its first foray into the American retail market.

The Challenge: With their extensive experience in creating an expansive selection of tea blends, we had over 50 fabulous tea offerings to categorise.
Our first step was to create a unified brand architecture for Trice.

The Approach: An extensive study of the offerings, their key benefits, the emerging American tea market, and the
existing tea landscape enabled us to group blends into three distinct categories.

1. Every day teas

2. Fruity teas

3. Health teas.

Further, Trice also offered interesting blends from major tea producing countries from across the globe, which led us to create another new property: Cha Bar.

To complete this exhaustive product offering, we also formulated an instant beverage category, owing to favourable numbers from our research which indicated a rise in the consumption of
instant beverages.

Brand Identity Design

Based on this brand architecture, we proceeded to create the identity mark for Trice.

With such a varied range of blends under its umbrella, we realised the Trice logo had to be simple, and adaptable to fit each range, as well as all possible future brand extensions. The word itself, Trice, does not bear a direct association with tea. Hence, it was important to visually associate the identity mark with the product category.

Naming Convention & Product Identity Design

With the brand architecture and identity in place, our next step was to work on the naming convention and identity marks for each of the verticals. Given that tea is not an intrinsic part of the American culture, we ensured the names explicitly relate to the product category and make a direct connection with the ingredients or USP of each range.

Packaging Design

Packaging is the first impression the audience has about a brand. With Trice, the approach was to first define the information architecture and then understand the audience for each vertical and to ensure effective communication to that segment. Fruit and Herbs was targeted to a younger audience, directing the visual language to a vibrant, illustrative route.

Tea and Health targeted the mature audience, and had to endorse the choice of pure natural ingredients. This led us to create an interesting visual language using ingredients as the main call out. Insta Bev was aimed to please the working professional, and demanded an innovative packing structure highlighting how easy to use the product was. 

Packaging Design–Gifting Range

To project tea as the perfect gift, we curated a gifting range keeping in mind every palate, personality and occasion. 

In this phase, we upped the game and reinvented the brand we created to be the ideal gift across occasions and seasons.

The key was to make the packaging look premium, thoughtful and unique. We chose the exotic blends of Cha Bar and curated two gifting properties under Cha Bar Asia. The visual cues were drawn from the region the tea is produced in.

We also experimented with different packaging structures, before deciding on test tubes.

We also added in different sizes or servings, as produced under the Lovely Littles range. 

Communication Design

The final step was to create literature across media for Trice. The first step was to create a comprehensive website aimed at functioning more like an online catalogue for the varied offerings. We also created look books for the individual ranges, and promotional material for retail and exhibitions.