The Rohet House


Brand Story +Identity System Design + In Room Collaterals + Web Design

The Rohet House: The homely abode that stays with you long after you’ve checked out.

Among Jodhpur’s most iconic and historic families is the Singhs of Rohet. Nestled in the heart of Jodhpur’s aristocratic stone walled neighborhood, this boutique hotel was until recently the royal family’s city house. With an incredibly loyal repeat customer base at their other, even more luxurious properties, The House of Rohet family set to build another, equally unforgettable experience. Known for their exceptional service, this prime location and gorgeous property set to embody classical fusion in it’s experience and brand story.

The House of Rohet empaneled us to help create this brand story and bring it to life. We've created a brand language and built brand collaterals spanning print and digital touch points. Each element of the branding is equally rooted in the regal past, as it is easy on the senses - without coming across as too overbearing.

The Regal Spirit

Our goal for this hospitality branding project was to discover and highlight the persona and vibe of the boutique property and bring it to life at each point of interaction with the patrons, be it personally at the reception desk or through a thoughtfully placed menu selection for pillows. An identity design rooted in bold typography, easing into supporting brand collaterals of elegantly illustrated reminders of erstwhile Rajasthan.

Largely, our design decisions were guided by the personalities of the family and their elaborately beautiful home decor collections.

Most patrons visit these properties to experience a slice of life of the royal families of India, or for the grandeur and hospitality that is largely unparalleled the world over.

Our branding efforts help bring to life an era gone by - where horses and elephants were stabled amidst gardens bursting with flowers of pastel hues. Where every meal is an adventure for your tastebuds, and where you are lulled to sleep on plush linens as you read illustrated tales of Rajasthani valour and values in our elaborately furnished bedtime story books.

The website aims at capturing the essence of the House of Rohet with images that almost capture the magic of each property (it is truly understood only upon experiencing a stay...) supported with scannable iconography to easy the selection process and provide large amounts of information without the visitor having to hunt for details.