The Pawpstar Co.


Brand Identity System + Packaging Design + Social Media Concepts+ E-Commerce Design

Millennial pet parents wish to create a wholesome experience for their pets, themselves, and their journey together.
There has been a drastic change in how people approach pet care and pet upbringing. Today, pets enjoy their own toys, dedicated spa visits, personalised bedding and more care and attention than ever before.
The good folks at Pawpstar noted, that while there is an ever increasing demand and attention for pet care, there are very few players providing world class pet care products in India.

Together with them, we built India's first ever customisable pet care brand for pets of all breeds - be it furry or feathered friends!


Parents see their pets as a part of their family and wish their values reflect on their pet too. For them a pet is no less than a baby – They are willing to go the extra mile to provide for their pets and Pawpstar is equipped with all resources and services to be a part of their amazing journey.

We created a brand that resonates with millennial pet parents. A brand that understands the target market, is quirky enough to grab the attention, experimental enough to offer something new and yet experiential enough to build trust.

The visual identity is bold and expressive. The logotype plays with the width and size of the letterforms which convey the diversity of the brand and it’s product / service offerings.
The typography is soft yet detailed and the extra rounded edges make the lend an inviting and approachable feel to our brand. The brand identity is as colourful and vibrant as are the products.
Additionally, the presence of a pet dog in the logotype adds character and personality to the visual identity and the brand as a whole. It is also the silhouette of one of the founder’s pets, adding nostalgia and love to forever etch the pet’s memory in the brand story.

Our brand communication language for Pawpstar is quirky and is intentionally littered with puns.
We translated this to life in the brand’s presence through a thoughtful social media strategy as carried forward by the brand across mediums.

We aimed to create a brand that is both visually and emotionally appealing, serving the larger brand goal to build a community of pet parents across platforms; one that is personalised, interactive and engaging.