The Origin


Brand Stratedgy + Identity System + Packaging Design

Leisurely pick avocados from Peru, smell French truffles and Italian breads, or pluck American blueberries as you make your way to the wholesome honey isle. On the way, you'll pass by date fields from Israel, so be sure to grab some ripe, oversized dates.

While you are immersed in ticking off your list at The Origin, the brand engages you in experiential interactions.
One day we’ll have you try the creamiest guacamole, and on another, your senses feast on an aromatic truffle tasting.

Building the brand strategy, nomenclature, spatial graphics and packaging for The Origin has been a sensory experience in itself.
Nestled in West Bandra, the store is a world in itself.

Every food story begins on a farm. The produce on our tables is filled with goodness when it is skilfully nurtured and delicately handpicked at the source. This was the inspiration behind the brand name.

The Origin presents a luxury gourmet destination designed to give your grocery list a world-class lift.

The brand language we built is a quality-conscious bridge to transport your senses to the source as you pour your own honey or pick fresh greens from the outdoor hydroponic garden.


The shopping experience is an event in itself at The Origin.
Every assortment has been selected by experts in the field and is painstakingly curated. Each segment opens into a world of the finest quality products.

The brand language had to be evocative of these offerings, and provide a unified experience across categories and services.
Select teas and coffees at The Plantation, pour your honey at The Hive, find your stapes in The Field, and pick freshly ground spices at The Mill.
The Cocoa Tree is brimming with chocolates, and The O Farm is lush with nutritious fruits and vegetables.
Stop by The Heritage for the richest dry fruits. At the gifting section, O Amour, you’ll find goodies to gift your loved ones on many an occasion.

Marrying colour with stark typography, we used a seamlessly illustrative language to bring The Origin to life.