Betty Crocker

October brings crisp cool nights and Halloween frights, with a sweet sales uplift of 17+% for Betty Crocker UK. 

Marketing Strategy + Communication Strategy

A legacy brand, Betty Crocker has been a household name since 1920.
Everybody loves Betty, and baked goods. But does everyone make the time to bake at home? Would it take too much time? Will it be a messy activity?
Our seasonal campaign objective was two pronged - make Betty Crocker relevant for working mothers and by extension, their children. This seasonal campaign was to reignite the Halloween spirit.

The Challenge

Betty Crocker approached us for a fresh seasonal marketing campaign for a select range of their ready-to-bake products. Targeted at the European market, this campaign was envisioned to promote ‘baking’ as a means for working mothers to spend quality time with their children. The challenge was to visually highlight the ease of baking that these great tasting, ready-to-bake products provided. The visuals had to be appealing to both – mothers and young children.

The Approach

Growing up, stories form an integral part of every kid’s childhood. The process of story telling is not only fascinating for kids, but also fosters a bond between different generations of the family. Sharing anecdotes and stories at the dinner table or before bedtime brings families closer.

Baking for loved ones and watching them indulge in handmade goodies, baked with love and perfection, has been a long standing promise of the Betty Crocker brand.

Both, storytelling and baking result in quality family time. A combination of the two activities could turn the seemingly time consuming, tedious activity of baking into one that is fun and engaging. The journey could be enjoyed as much as the end result. An activity that would initiate conversation, creation, and spark the active imagination of children and reignite the spirit of Halloween.

From the consumer, for the consumer

The clear first step was to gain a deep understanding of the consumer. We looked at working mothers aged 40 something and understood what the daily routines and challenges were. Given the weather in UK, during the midterm break, with limited outdoor activities, disconnecting their children from the virtual world was a huge challenge.

An effective communication strategy that hits home.

Based on consumer insights, we realised that the communication strategy needed to be centered around a strong emotional connect. Baking was a fun family activity, disconnected from the digital world. It was time you could spend with your family and create some great memories along with delicious brownies or cupcakes. We used this hook, and tied it with reigniting the halloween spirit.
Our communication strategy was: Bake up your halloween story.