We use data and design to help build and scale businesses.

Most categories today have a strong influx of D2C brands. With digital first brands, level the playing field for a lot of the players in the category. Now more than ever before, your brand has a platform to reach a wider audience without worrying about market penetration or a distribution network; or the need for deep pockets to advertise on television, print and outdoor media.

On the other hand, the consumer has also become more involved. They don't trust brands solely on the claims they make or the products they sell.

The Context

Understand the environment your brand is going to grow in.

A ear to the ground is great, but you must understand what the other players in the market are doing, what value propositions have been claimed and what are the gaps that need to be filled.

There are certain categories cues, sure, however following category cues to build your brand is a classic mistake, leading to a sea of sameness.

If you speak the same language as your competitor, how are you building brand loyalty? A sale will eventually end, but brand resonance remains.

The Reason
To Believe

In the current market scenario, there is a far greater need for brands to differentiate.

Real differentiation for brands is achieved by understanding the context of the industry, the consumer truth, and marrying them to the product you are building. Your efforts must be focused on giving your consumers the reason to believe, weaving in a brand story that will resonate with them.

As Walter Landor memorably stated - products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. Investing in research helps your brand understand your customer's mind.

Here's where Stratedgy bridges the gap. Our brands tell compelling stories because they are rooted in research. We delve deep and use science backed research methodologies and analysis so your brand stands stronger in the consumer's mind.

We're STRATEDGY for a reason.

The brand stories we weave are manifestations of the strategy thus formulated, in the form of product / service design, brand identity and brand communications.

Everything You
Need To Know

Research is not a frivolous expense, given the larger picture.

Research is an investment in future proofing your business, not an expense.

What would the cost of a wrong brand / product / marketing strategy be?

When your consumer reads about you online, combs through reviews, considers recommendations and reads up on the product, they're doing their due diligence.

As a business owner, shouldn't you be investing in consumer research before attempting to sell? Research is a prudent business expense.

Most businesses today are already sitting on large amounts of data. Most new businesses, too, have access to lots of consumer data and details about their category.

However, being poor on insights does not help being data rich.

Human intelligence and thorough knowledge of data analysis comes together to structure, decode and formulate key 'consumer truths' that form the backbone of all our brand strategies and their manifestations.

We aren't entirely different, yet we aren't the same.

There's a lot of data available today, and a lot of data that can be sourced or bought. However, collecting or reviewing consumer data from a branding lens is our specialty.

For instance, there are tons of tea brands available. What makes brand A work better than brand B? Consumers don't always pick by price, as you're well aware. Consumers pick what connects with them. Consumers always repurchase brands that resonate - and we'll find out what clicks and sticks through our unique perspective on brand building.


With a decade of experience, dedication and passion, Stratedgy is here to breathe life into your business ideas!

We're as interested in building a new brand or vertical, as are we to help you scale your business.