The union of indigenous ingredients with the artistry of chocolate.

Product Strategy + Brand Strategy and Positioning + Naming Convention + Identity and Packaging System

Ziaho's tells the story of a nation that thrives amidst differences. India has 22 different languages, 14 different written scripts & 19,560 different dialects. Each Indian script showcases distinctive letterforms that reflect its individual structure and visual expression.

ZIAHO is a brand of innovative chocolate pairings - using Indian Cacao paired with ingredients from various Indian states. The brand offers delectable pairings from across the country, ranging from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu.

We crafted the product and brand strategy, and a unified visual language by drawing inspiration from the scripts of the states where our ingredients originate. By recreating and incorporating these diverse letterforms, we've created a clutter-breaking, cohesive identity.

Scripting the Indian chocolate story.

The name “Ziaho” was derived from two Sanskrit words meaning “joy” and “delight.” By combining “zi” for joy and “aho” for delight, the name captures the inherent emotion associated with consuming chocolate. The phonetics of Ziaho imbue the name with a sense of gravitas. As the brand aims to authentically champion the concept of Indian chocolate pairings on a global scale, Sanskrit provided a culturally relevant linguistic foundation. We believe the word would also be phonetically intuitive for international audiences, while proudly demonstrating it’s Indian roots.

In today’s interconnected world, cultures and brands from all corners of the globe have become easily accessible to Indians. This newfound accessibility has sparked a vibrant enthusiasm among Indian consumers, who eagerly embrace global brands that honour and celebrate the cultures they originate from. However, alongside this appreciation for international influences, there is also a remarkable surge in pride for our own Indian culture.

ZIAHO encapsulates and celebrates the essence of the modern Indian spirit. It is a testament to the harmonious fusion of global adaptability and the unwavering celebration of our own Indian heritage. It provides a platform for modern Indians to take pride in their identity while championing the incredible potential of Indian cocoa.

It stands tall as a symbol of India’s prowess in the world of chocolate, showcasing how our homegrown chocolate pairings can stand alongside global brands without imitation. Rather than merely replicating what others have done, ZIAHO embraces India’s unique strengths and weaves them into every delectable cacao creation. It is a tribute to our heritage, and our unparalleled diversity.

In a world where cultures converge and boundaries blur, ZIAHO not only satisfies chocolate cravings, but also nourishes our sense of self and belonging.

Scripting Details

The identity system devised by us creates a multilingual framework that embraces the versatility of India. The logotype is bold and elegant, with high-contrast forms that uniquely position the brand within its category while also establishing its distinct presence.

In developing our product architecture, we took a thoughtful approach to ensuring our different chocolate sub-ranges were seamlessly connected. Rather than treating them as separate variants, we carefully crafted an overarching colour story that unifies the entire range.

Given our vibrant and colourful culture, our aim was to create a brand that prominently incorporates colour in its design. The colour story was carefully crafted, taking into account the percentage of dark chocolate used. As a result, our milk and dark chocolates exhibit varying shades of brown, while the white chocolate showcases beautiful muted colours derived from the ingredients used.
The most intriguing aspect of our colour story lies in the stunning deep colours we employed for our innovative ingredient pairings. This cohesive range harmoniously blends together while also distinguishing between the different sub-ranges.

Indian scripts possess inherent calligraphic qualities, characterized by fluidity and movement in their letterforms. We have taken inspiration from these forms and reinterpreted them to create a type system that combines the essence of Indian scripts with minimal Nordic influences. Our approach involves using consistent stroke weights, clean neo-geometric shapes, and ample counter spaces.

This harmonious fusion of our diverse culture with reimagined global letterforms serves as a genuine representation of the modern Indian aesthetic. It celebrates the rich heritage of Indian scripts while embracing a contemporary and forward-looking design approach.