Wellbeing Nutrition - Disney & Marvel Melts

A packaging story that celebrates the unique synergy between nutrition and fantasy storytelling.

Packaging Design

Introducing MELTS, an extraordinary range of oral nutraceutical strips that are designed to magically dissolve on the tongue.

We were tasked to create a packaging experience that appeals to both children and parents, placing a strong emphasis on igniting the imaginations of young minds.

We were to bring to life a strategic collaboration with Disney, seamlessly integrating the beloved worlds of Marvel and Frozen with Wellbeing Nutrition's health improvement mission for young children.

Recognizing the significance of our dual target audiences, we emphasised on the importance of striking a balance between captivating children's hearts and minds, while simultaneously instilling confidence and trust in parents.

Harnessing the enduring magic of Disney's characters creates an immediate connection with children. The iconic heroes from Marvel and the enchanting characters from Frozen are deeply embedded in the hearts of young boys and girls, serving as a powerful catalyst for engagement and imagination.

We sought to create an immersive experience that transports children into a world of adventure, bravery, and wonder.
For the vital role parents play in the decision-making process, our packaging for this range provides parents with a sense of trust and confidence.

Our aim was to ensure that the collaboration with Disney enhances the overall appeal and credibility of the product, without overshadowing the Wellbeing Nutrition brand itself. The limited surface area on the packaging posed a significant challenge. It was crucial to prominently showcase the Disney collaboration, highlighting the recognizable characters, while ensuring the Wellbeing Nutrition brand remained distinct and visible.
With careful consideration, we strategically positioned the Disney characters alongside our own brand elements, creating a visual harmony that captures the essence of both - the collaboration and our product.

In our pursuit to create a more profound connection between the characters and the nutritional benefits of MELTS, we embarked on a thoughtful journey of alignment. By meticulously selecting specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, we aimed to match the character traits with the health advantages offered by our strips.
This deliberate association not only deepens the engagement for children, who feel an even stronger personal connection to their beloved characters, but also provides parents with the reassurance of a product that aligns with their nutritional expectations.

In addition to the visual and thematic elements, we carefully crafted compelling narratives that weave seamlessly throughout the entire brand experience. These narratives are designed to unfold across various branding touchpoints, including the packaging, online presence, and promotional materials.

By immersing children in a world where their favorite characters come to life, we spark their imaginations and foster a sense of wonder and excitement. This narrative-driven approach ensures that every interaction with MELTS becomes an unforgettable and enchanting experience for our young consumers.

To visually capture the essence of the Marvel and Frozen universes, we developed dynamic brand assets that exemplify the energy and complexity of these extraordinary worlds. Our visual elements serve as powerful representations of the characters and their associated stories, ensuring a captivating visual experience that resonates with both children and parents.

By skillfully blending the vibrancy of the Disney collaboration with the unmistakable identity of the Wellbeing Nutrition brand, we have created a packaging story that celebrates the unique synergy between nutrition and storytelling.