Brand Strategy + Brand Identity System Design + Packaging Structure and Design

We partnered with Vesca, a new age nutraceutical company, to build a range of products that broke through the clutter in today's overcrowded nutraceutical landscape.
2020 saw the rise of skin care over make up, and we were all rudely reminded about how taking health for granted should stop, now!
Across product categories, we saw the advent of benefit driven, confusing and crowded brand messaging.
The nutraceutical industry is currently plagued by clones - wherein most brands look like each other, and almost all of them are seen using the same information architecture, similar colour colour palettes and very similar benefit callouts.

In screaming so much information to the consumer, these brands were failing to say anything meaningful.
So, we started where we always do - we spoke to consumers, at length and in depth.
We gathered how consumption of nutraceuticals is a very mundane process for most, and at times even an unwelcome compulsion. It is integrated in their daily routine, almost without giving the act a second thought.

Paradoxically, products for sound sleep, weight loss, skin and hair health, are usually consumed to make life wholesome; for one to feel good about themselves. What we found missing in the current brand landscape was this - the 'feel good' factor.

Basis these insights, we set out to create an engaging brand experience with our packaging.
An experience built around conversations, interesting content and witty trivia.

At the onset, we created a logotype with the sigma symbol to position the brand as the sum of multiple health benefits.


We positioned our brand with the hook of #chattypills. We took a conversational route with our packaging, personifying the benefits to create reactions that the consumers would have upon experiencing the effectiveness of the product.
For instance, our sleep tablets say “hello sound sleep, how I have missed you!”
Our weight loss tablets say “hello weight loss, we finally meet!”

This witty conversational route was complimented with a packaging structure that is unique within the industry. Most brands in this space have a labelled bottle protected by a staid mono carton. Our unique structure was designed to provide us with massive real estate on the packaging to carry forward the conversation from the front label, across different panels. We extended the content to interesting trivia that then tied back to our formulation and reinforced the effectiveness of our products.

With the content and structure in place, we built a vibrant colour story for the brand. With the use of bright gradients, we stuck to the category colours, at the same time lending a lively vibe to each of our products.

A clear information architecture, witty content, a unique packaging structure and vibrant colour gradients; all come together to create a packaging solution that is disruptive in class and breaks through the clutter of ‘me too’ brands plaging the nutraceutical industry.