Unlocked Studio

An immersive brand experience to champion modern Indian craftsmanship.

Brand Identity System

Unlocked Studio is a curated capsule of fine lifestyle elements.

The business was designed to be your key to an India-proud curation of independent homegrown labels. As purveyors of quality over quantity; their edit is precise, unique and always, limited edition.
Unlocked Studio enables access to artisanal local labels from across India, furthering local craftsmanship.
The ultimate intention of the business is to help indigenous arts and crafts to thrive, and find Indian and global patrons who truly appreciate the value behind all things handmade.

Moreover, Unlocked Studio offers an immersive and unhurried experience.

Slow down. Linger. Take your time. Discover the unexpected.

This is a brand where luxury is beyond the price tag.
Luxury is in the intent, in the labour and craft, in the thoughtful details.

Keeping this in mind, Stratedgy crafted an identity system with minute attention to detail to each letter form and ligature.
The forms of our brand identity evoke luxury and exclusivity. This identity was then carried forward with similar stylised geometric forms that unite to create an unwieldy, yet surprisingly seamless language for the brand.
A mature, non intrusive colour palette was chosen to let the objects shine, without the brand colours getting lost in the bargain.
A union of this unique colour story and typography bring the brand essence to life.