We rebranded spatial luxury, with a touch of gold.

Brand Stratedgy + Identity Design System + Spatial Design

Tessera India is helmed by the pioneers of Indian design. Guided by their sensibilities, the brand is aimed at bringing global extravagance to Indian interior design. Tessera embodies indulgence, be it in exclusive and painstakingly crafted products, or laborious customisation.

Tessera India empanelled us for an overall brand revamp to embody their unique experience and luxuries.

Our solution was to create a brand strategy to reflect Tessera’s modern, minimalistic and luxurious vision. We built a brand with the ethos of indulgence, and values that embody trust and lineage.


Basis our brand strategy, we created an identity system that is extendable not only to it’s various collaterals but to spatial design too. The brand identity is reflective of extreme opulence as well as modern minimalism.  The logo symbol is a representation of artistic craftsmanship, extended into the length and the breadth of the brand language with simplicity and intricacy.

The identity system is pillared in usage of simple line work derived from the logo typeface, that goes on to become the basis of the brand language. The literal meaning of Tessera is a small block used in a mosaic. Combining this with linework, we created a dynamic identity system that is flexible, minimal and adaptable.

The new identity system is a derivative of Tessera India’s values, ethos and visual appeal.


The brand communication, in every aspect, seamlessly integrates with the brand language. The colour and type system, along with the unique elements derived from the Tessera logo, create a cohesive voice for the brand. The dynamism of the identity system is really brought to life with the spatial design and wayfinding system, by rearranging the forms to create new meaning with each rendition.

Every touchpoint of the brand has been carefully crafted to echo the brand’s exemplary attention to detail.