We partnered with a niche perfumery to build their identity system

Brand Stratedgy+Naming Convention + Brand Identity System +Communication Design + Packaging Design

Scentido is a niche perfumery, that houses the most exclusive perfume brands from around the world. The essence of the brand is to create a retail experience for all the senses. Scentido was derived from two words Scent (smell) + Scentido (which means to feel in Spanish). Putting them together gave us a brand name with a direct association to the category, at the same time staying true to the experiential ethos of the brand.

The identity system that has been developed keeping in mind the exclusivity and the simplicity of the brand. We created an ornate crest with the letter "S" wherein fluidity and structure coexist cohesively. The powerful logo symbol is paired with a classic logotype. The uses royal solid colours along with a brand pattern derived from symbol create a seamless brand language.