Prabhudas Lilladher

Building an online trading app for a legacy brand to reach a larger audience.


There's little we don't do on our phones. We shop, bank, plan our holidays, maintain friendships and even find love - all with a few swipes on an app. There are multiple apps offering almost the same services and products, at almost the same prices. Why would trading in stocks be any different? Turns out, there can be an app with a difference.

The PL mobile app is unlike any other, because it is build by a company that trades like most people won't.
Research over trends. Ethics over profits.

Prabhudas Lilladher is a financial services organisation with a legacy of over 7 decades of expertise and trust. It has been a journey of success, based on strong adherence to principles, uncompromising dedication to quality and an attitude of excellence.

The Challenge:

We were approached to build a mobile application for online trading by PL India.
The challenge was to understand all the different elements that precede the process of trading.
We started with understanding the world and nuances of trading, to ensure the logic and the flow of the application was idiot-proof.

The Approach:

The first step was to build a structure to understand the scale of the application.
Next, we moved to logic. We fleshed out the user journey through various processes, and created comprehensive wire frames to ensure intuitive and efficient organisation of information.

Human Centred Design and Hyper Organised Architecture

Taking a learning from established user habits, we ensured the logic of the application did not require any re-learning on  part of the consumer. The user was at the centre of all our decisions.
To enhance the user’s experience, we created a hyper organised information architecture supported with scannable text, layered information and data visualisation.
A seamless user interface design created a unique visual space for the application.

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