We Rebranded A Product That Was As On Trend In Form As It Was Out Outdated In It's Approach, Helping It Get A New Life On A 'Sip' Of Faith!

Identity Design System + Packaging Structure + Packaging Design

Kombucha, a growing trend in the west, is slowly but surely finding takers on Indian shores. This drink, best described as a funky tea, is prepared by fermenting tea with microbes. It surely is an acquired taste, and is rapidly gaining popularity as a must have for optimum health. You know something is a trendy health fad when you see it cropping up in menus at healthy artisanal cafés and regular mentions by health influencers and bloggers. With promises of better gut health, glowing skin and even a possible (rumoured) cure for cancer; this drink is going to be hard to ignore.


As we took to rebranding Kobu, our first recommendation was to change the packaging structure to make it more user friendly, as well as communicate the quality and retain freshness.

We moved the brand from plastic bottles to glass bottles, more often used to bottle beer. The dark tint on the bottles was a great advantage to protect the product from sunlight. The use of these bottles also gave us a larger surface area for the packaging label, and their colour provided a great canvas to offset our new vibrant brand colours.

Next, we designed a cohesive brand identity and supporting product identity based on the principles of Japanese minimalism. Kombucha is rumoured to have originated in Japan, and given how most of the local competition had based their brand packaging on trendy tea formats, we thought it would be interesting to explore Japanese minimalism as our packaging base.

Further, we built a strong supporting brand language, creating iconography and well formed text units the brand can use beyond their packaging. We also added brand phrases that signify the core brand message of the promise of good gut health, and brought all the elements together in vibrant hues with flowing typography.