Consumer Research + Brand Strategy and Positioning + Naming Convention + Identity and Packaging System

The Indian consumer is not an easy one to please. Given the Covid-19 pandemic, we're all more focused on making healthier choices. However, if the soaring sales of fried snacks are anything to go by, we are a far cry from breaking old, hard engrained eating habits.
What does the average Indian snack consumer want?

Why should healthy snack brands not make the consumer salivate?

Our approach for the brand strategy and packaging for Hook’d was to use minimalism to our advantage, and create space to let the product be the hero.

In a deliberate move away from the the current onslaught of ‘earthy’, and almost boring health-focused positioning seen across the shelf, Hook’d celebrates taste and satisfaction, returning to the fundamentals of what it means to be a snack. Why should healthy snacks not make the consumer salivate?

As the mainstream and healthy snack sectors begin to converge, we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to be the best better-for-you snack on the market.
The Hook’d brand language reflects this new positioning by expressing itself through a minimal, sleek design approach.

To achieve maximum shelf stand out, we amped up the brand’s visual identity system, focusing on the high quality of ingredients and intensity of flavour through the colour story. A stark background on pack – seen sparingly within healthy or mainstream snacking – is brought to life with product photography focused on bringing the snack’s abundance to life.