A measure for your sanity. #GOALS

Brand Stratedgy+ Naming Convention + Brand Identity System + Packaging Design

In an Insta dominated world, fitness might just be another hashtag. FitFam, a wholesome meal delivery service, believes Fitness is much more. Fitness is not just weight loss, it is not a crash diet. Fitness is a multi-dimensional phenomena that can meticulously transform you - mentally, and physically.

The challenge: Fitness has a different connotation in every individual’s mind.
Fitness is, unfortunately very closely linked to the idea of weight loss. Fitfam set out to change this mindset towards fitness, and to promote healthy living as a way of life.

The approach: We started off by breaking down what fitness meant to different types of people.
There were the serial dieters, the portion pumping workout junkies, and the sporadic types to catch on to the latest fad quickly, only to abandon it very soon.
The first step in our approach was to create a brand philosophy, one that would resonate with all of the above.

FitFam: A new measure for fitness. This set the tone for the brand, and everything we created here on was building on this brand statement.

Brand Identity Design

A new measure for fitness, internalised.

Building on the foundation of our brand statement, we decided the brand mark needed to be extremely simple, straightforward, but clever. The simplified measuring tape, coupled with our brand statement led us to build an identity system that truly internalised the brand philosophy.

Communication Strategy

Measure your sanity, not your vanity.

The next step was to build a communication strategy for the brand in sync with the brand philosophy. ‘Measure your sanity, not your vanity’ became our hook for the brand.

We built on this concept by giving a measure for sanity v/s vanity.

Additionally, we supported the communication hook with secondary messaging that spoke about everything Fitness is NOT. The identity system then followed, with a vibrant and energetic colour story, bold type contrasted with subtle sub messaging, and interesting image and text play.