Bun & Only


Brand Concept and Positioning + Naming Convention + Identity and Packaging System

One of the largest growing food types in India is fast-food.
According to market trends and research, the Indian fast food industry is growing by 40% every year, generated due to voluminous sales.
Indians are key target consumers for global fast food chains owing to aspirational experiences, convenience and the adventurous Indian palette.

Mostly, burgers are referred to as 'junk' food. Most burger joints in India do not go beyond the standard menu, and even fewer put thought and craft behind their ingredients and menu offerings. Thus, gourmet burgers, though widely available abroad, aren't as common and well received here in India. The brands that have attempted this in the recent past, seem to have failed to make a lasting impression.

Until... Bun & Only!


What’s in a name?! Turns out, a lot!
When we were approached to create this project, what stood out to us was the founders’ clarity of concept for this brand.
They were certain about creating the best burgers in Bombay, laying the platform for a national gourmet burger chain.
We channeled their passion for the perfect burger to coin a name befitting of the offering.


Bun & Only is a play on ‘one and only’, which denotes love and exclusivity.
The quirky brand language is built on the concept of embracing ‘AND’ in a world full of ‘OR’. The language talks about how each personality is made of extremes, and it is these extremes that make us unique as individuals.


Crazy in love OR just crazy
Mellow OR Melodramatic

We are all extremes in a way… and perhaps, that is what makes us unique!

With these concepts, we built a brand identity that is bold, stark, exclusive and inclusive. The ampersand (&) designed for the brand transitions into a heart, reinforcing the brand concept of love and inclusion.

The menu and service at Bun & Only was designed to be a unique, and one of a kind experience.
We designed the brand positioning and content strategy to further enunciate the extremely passionate value offering by the brand, which was then carried forward on all packaging collaterals.

Being a delivery only brand relying on digital first publicity channels and social media, it was important for this brand to look as good (if not more) than it tastes. To achieve this, the brand colours, packaging detailing and overall brand tonality was crafted to look extremely ‘grammable’, relatable and delicious to the eyes!