Aurum Ventures

When passion for luxury met Mumbai's insatiable appetite for elevation.

Brand strategy + Spatial Design + Communication Design

In a market where around 58% luxury apartments are still unsold in Mumbai, the Aurum Group prides itself with having sold more than 90% of their commercial and real estate stock at their expansive Q PARĆ development. And this is only their beginning in the real estate business.

Based firmly on the vision to 'upgrade' (we suspect it has more to do with course correct...) the notion of luxury Mumbai has been force fed, Aurum Ventures is a conglomerate with their hands in many, many fruitful pies; currently focused on real estate.

The challenge: While they were busy building the truly new and better way to live and work, a key component in their story was put on the back burner.
Their brand story was left untouched, and represented by a feeble identity which could then pass off generically for anyone.

The approach: Rebranding Aurum Ventures meant deep diving into the what and whys of the organisation. Understanding what they do was as pivotal as knowing why their ways are so unique to an otherwise standardised market. Their ethos is grounded in creating true value, and their razor sharp focus is aimed at redefining what 'the best' means. Our rebranding had to be evocative of their story thus far, and their vision going forward.

Brand Strategy

Based on our research and understanding, we defined the brand ethos as revolutionary and intimate with a promise of luxury. Our interactions with the brand and the people behind the brand and internalising the larger vision helped us create a brand that was contemporary, adaptable and people centric.

Brand Identity System

While analysing the existing brand mark, we realised the promise of luxury and ethos of innovation were not communicated effectively.  We needed an identity system that was subtle and adaptable across the many ventures. Taking a leaf from The Gold Standard, we built an identity rooted in geometry.