We are often asked why we are christened ‘Stratedgy?’ 
Initially, we were confused. Isn’t it obvious? 
But we then realised that more often than not, design is viewed only as what the finished product looks like.

Strate(d)gy (pun intended) is vital to successful design - of any kind! 
There are so many factors that contribute to the building, promotions, and longevity of a business. 
One needs to consider the audience, the context, the objective of the communication, our offering; and only then can one formulate a message that resonates. 
We are not going to just choose fonts and colours, or code without logic for you now... are we?

The brand landscape in India is increasingly becoming as challenging as it is interesting. The Indian consumer, be it for a business or a service, is especially unique, and almost always hard to please. For them, design goes beyond how something looks. Due to this challenge, businesses are finally accepting us as partners to build with. And THAT, is our favourite part of what we do.

We are here to talk your language, or to together develop our own. While we could be very fluent at jargon, we know businesses that want to make a dent are smart enough to cut through the clutter.

We don’t claim to know your business, but we know ours pretty damn well. 
And once we are on board, we will make it our business to know yours.

It’s a 

We come on board as partners, we understand, research, analyse, brainstorm and imagine - with you.

Our perspective and passion, combined with your vision and expertise, is a solid foundation to make your branding and marketing efforts work.
We are as passionate about our work, as you are about yours.

Our outlook is solution focused and action oriented. Our process combines analysis and imagination.

Eager to learn and unlearn. unafraid to explore, we are not yes wo(men). We consider all approaches to arrive at what is best for your branding goals.



~ founder


~ founder


~ Creative Lead