We are often asked why a branding agency is called 'Stratedgy'? There's no brand building without a solid strategy. We're strategists with an edge.
Branding is not just choosing fonts and colors, and we hope you read on just a little further to know why.

Strate(d)gy (pun obviously intended) is an obligatory part of branding. There are so many factors that go into creating effective brand communication and marketing - and at the heart of it all lies a solid, thoughtful Stratedgy.
Variables like the audience, the context, the objectives, business threats, culture and trends play a huge role in determining a strategy that will be relevant to you and your business - today, and tomorrow. We are not going to just choose fonts and colors for you now, are we?

The space of design is increasingly becoming really interesting in the Indian context. People are finally appreciating that design goes beyond how it looks. Businesses are accepting us designers as partners to build their brand with, together. And that, is our favourite part of what we do.
We are here to build a relationship. We are here to understand you, and be understood along the way. We are here to give you a fresh perspective on how to effectively communicate the amazing brand proposition you have so painstakingly and bravely envisioned.

We are here to talk your language; or to together develop our own. While we could be very fluent in 'jargon' we know you are smart enough to look beyond that and not be wowed solely with elaborate words. We don’t claim to know your business, but we know ours pretty damn well. And once we are on board, we will make it our business to know yours. The partnership of the two can only result in spectacular outcomes ...



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