Aion is a tribute to old world charm and organic living. Their designs enhance the spaces they occupy, and are a refreshing change from the clutter we see in spatial design today.

With an attempt to convey their brand philosophy, we created a brand that reflects organic, minimal and classic forms through geometry and abundant use of whites and spaces.

We simplified the design, cleaned up the typography and made everything emanate from the brand identity. This identity has the Lipton 'sun' at the centre of a graphic montage that speaks of the natural qualities of tea as well as the flavours, which now feel much more central to the marque rather than a crudely applied afterthought. Everything feels brighter and more 'sun drenched' than the previous incarnation. It now has an evocative, contemporary feel that would be just at home on a t-shirt or the back of a surfboard as on a bottle.

Another issue was the profound inconsistencies across the world with more than 20 different bottle designs in production. Following a global audit of Lipton Ice Tea's production lines, we made structural changes to the bottle that brought everything together in one bottle shape and ensured the concept worked practically across 150 countries (and their many different bottle filling technologies). The design also incorporates the simple shape of the Lipton cartouche into its very fabric, creating something that is ownable, and that increases the structural integrity of the bottle whilst using less plastic.

Subtle but important evolutions such as pulling the identity from waist to shoulder, gave the design a confidence and ensured it would not only hold it's own next to the soft drink giants, but would be happy to challenge them. The overall solution was refreshing in every sense of the word and had an iconic quality that made the bottle the hero of global communications.