You may think its a stereotype that all creatives are eccentric, maybe you are not that far off from the truth after all. Being a boutique design studio, we house a bunch of crazies who think

the man who cannot visualise a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot!

It's been an interesting journey over the last 9 years. We have worked with an array of clients, big, small, fun, fascinating; and then there have been those who have asked us to make our illustration of a unicorn 33.33% more magical! We're proud to have managed to decipher it all.

brilliant ideas, like truffles are rare and only possible given special conditions

Well, we don't know about rare, but we do take care of the special conditions all right! We work out of a quaint villa in Pali Village, West Bandra, in Mumbai. Being in the heart of this magnificent city, while remaining cut out from the clutter, arms us with a unique sensibility in our work.

God invented the giraffe, the elephant, and the cat. He has no real style, he is just trying things out!

Who better to emulate, than god himself? We have a strong process in place, to ensure our work is well grounded and functional, because design without meaning is just decoration. We believe the creative process is also an organic one, and together, with our clients, we try out multiple approaches, and build the one works best for the business.